How IT Works

ATP Gaming
F1 League

Drivers SimLife
Prepare your self for your very own PlayStation F1 Career
Your actions on track and off track determine the teams who will want you.
your ability as a driver no matter new player learning with a few assists To no assists experts racing at the top level.

Team Manager / Principle / President / Captain
You decided!
Take a team and try and compete against other teams and our academy teams across varies Leagues ( F1, F2, F3)
More details here!

Media Team
Are you interested in recording races? or doing a news reports on a previous race on the main events of it? or how about interview drivers and team managers before and after races to get there view on what will/of happen/ed during the race.
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Circuits and garage details can be found here.


Join an academy learn the ways with others from assists to no assists
Always have a team to practice with
Fight your way up the team for the better car / division

If you want to be a part of helping run any of the above
join discord
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